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Muslim Lakhani is Chairman and CEO of ML Resources LLC, ML Private Investments LLC and ML Social Vision Inc(a non-profit). He is an entrepreneur and philanthropist with over 35 years of experience in the private sector, he has developed natural resources projects as well as undertook other business ventures in the Middle East, Europe, USA and South Asia. Mr. Lakhani resides in McLean Virginia USA, since 2006.
Mr. Lakhani has traveled widely throughout the world, in his youth as an international polo player, and later charting new entrepreneurial paths in the globalized world economy. In 1975, he helped start the first polo club in Dubai, U.A.E.
During this period, he began his career in advertising and marketing, penning such well-known slogans as the “Fly Buy Dubai” campaign for Dubai Duty Free. The Slogan is still being used.
In 1980, he helped establish the first commercial radio station in Abu Dhabi, Capital Radio Abu Dhabi FM.
Mr. Lakhani has always recognized that once projects were de-risked during the exploration stages, larger companies were better suited to help them achieve their true potential. He has applied the same approach to his philanthropic work by investing his own money for over two decades in charitable projects that have gone on to create huge social impact through his various philanthropic initiatives.
He has been active in promoting dialogue & tolerance among different faiths, ethnic groups, and social classes, helping build institutions for political, social, and economic reforms. His long-standing commitment to philanthropy, coupled with the success of risk and reward over the years was harnessed to form ML Social Vision, which encompasses the spirit of sharing and tolerance.

Like many, Muslim Lakhani’s life has been defined by loss, battles, and risks. These valuable experiences have been instrumental in forming his philosophical approach to business vested in the beliefs that nothing is forever except change and everything in life must have an exit strategy. Being independent, he subscribes to a high-risk business model, taking chances when others would prefer to walk away.
In the past, Mr. Lakhani has undertaken several high-risk ventures. In early 1999, he spearheaded a heavy oil project in Egypt when the price of oil was less than US $12/barrel. In 2001, he helped re-activate one of the world’s largest dormant copper fields due to the very low price of copper in the remote province of Baluchistan, Pakistan.
In mid-2008, Mr. Lakhani established ML Private Investments, LLC with the purpose of investing in the U.S. equity markets at the height of the financial crisis. His entrepreneurial spirit is his drive, his belief that risk is rewarded if greed is not the driving factor is his motivation.
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United States Congressional Recognition - March 2017

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